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Founder of Overland Beard Company
Patrick MacNamara,
Founder of Overland Beard Company

In December of 2017, my kids and I headed to Tucson, Arizona to spend Christmas with family. On our way there, I discovered that I had left my razor at home and told the kids I needed to stop at a store to buy a new one.

Since neither one of them had seen me with facial hair before, they insisted I skip the store and just keep on truckin’. I was confused at first but embraced the idea since we were in full vacation mode.

Besides, that Christmas was different—way different—since my wife of over 24 years was no longer with us. Being a little scruffy around family should’ve been the least of my concerns after losing her.

After the trip, however, I trimmed down the beard, pulled my razor out and cleaned up. You see, I’ve always been clean-shaven so I thought I’d better get back to who I was.

But by the next morning I realized I had made a mistake. The kids simply didn’t approve. Apparently they liked my beard and saw it as part of the next chapter so I grew it back out.

Patrick, Our Founder
Growing it back out (round 2)

That decision didn’t come easy, though. Not because of them but because of how uncomfortable the early stages of beard growth can be.

If you’re unfamiliar, there’s itching, scratching like a dog with fleas, then more itching. That phase is so unbearable that I had to figure out how to make round two more tolerable.

That’s when I discovered beard oil, this supposedly “magical and full of wonder” product that makes living with a new beard much more manageable.

After firing up Amazon, I ordered a bottle. Unfortunately, the oil I received was subpar, full of chemicals, worsened the itch and irritated my skin.

Obviously, I wasn’t happy but, to be honest, it was my own fault. I should’ve researched things further instead of ordering one of the first bottles I saw.

I chalked it up as a lesson learned, did a deep dive into how organic beard oils are made, then used this new-found wisdom to create my own oils.

At the time, I had no idea this journey would lead me to become a premium beard oil provider for both overlanders and outdoorsmen—two communities I’m passionate about and truly humbled to serve.

As a matter of fact, the idea didn’t hit me until the winter of 2018 after my son and I returned from visiting several National Parks. By early 2019, I had decided on the company’s name and began researching how to get my products into the hands of potential customers. Once the logistics were figured out, a new business was born!

Premium Beard Oil For Overlanders & Outdoorsmen

Overland Beard Company is a small, family-owned business that was founded in 2019 to provide all-natural, premium beard oil to overlanders and outdoorsmen.

Overland Beard Company, Our Three Premium Beard Oil Collections
Our Three Premium Beard Oil Collections

Currently, we offer three premium beard oil collections known as the Outdoorsman, the Overlander, and the Weekender.

Each collection contains three unique beard oils that have been carefully selected for the community they serve.

Each premium beard oil is made right here in the great USA out of all-natural, high quality carrier and essential oils.

We believe the texture of our oils is second to none, being smooth rather than gritty, with just the right amount of oils without being greasy.

You simply won’t find better beard oil in all of North America. Yeah, I know that’s my opinion but I’m sticking with it! 😉

So if you’re a bearded brother who shares similar passions, make sure you check them out, buy a bottle or two, then spread the word.

As you start your journey with our oils, please reach out to me and let me know what you think. Your input matters and will help me make Overland Beard Company the absolute best in the business.

Thanks for shopping with us! Your patronage is truly appreciated!

Patrick MacNamara
Founder, Overland Beard Company